Pet Nat 

Pet Nat .jpg

fizzy bubbly 

The ultimate Natty wine.

Sparkling vino made the ancient way of bottling the wine with residual sugar, which means bottling it before its finished fermenting. Then leaving it alone for a while, letting it finish fermenting in the bottle and hoping that the end result is fizztastic.. but not gushy… or explosive.

Most Pet Nats will have some sediment, thats just the yeasties that have died in the process.

Perfectly natural but I wouldn’t want them in my glass, so store your Pet Nat upright in the fridge and don’t pour out the last few sips.

Our Natorious Pet Nat is made with 95% Savvy B and 5% Vermentino.  

"LS killing it with this full and flavoursome Pét Nat.
Glorious memorial to Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious BIG aka Big Poppa.
Beautiful sweater label. Phat bottle. Big energy.
Perfect fizz. No gush. Rapturous nose. Fruity and textural. Leaves the palate all sssschpritzed up and ready for more."  - @lo_fi_wine